An Indie Studio

We are a small two person team located in Melbourne, Australia.  We both started our careers in the games industry back at the turn of the millennium (somewhere around 1999 - 2000...its hazy).  Both of us initially started out in the console world making games for the early 3D based consoles (Sega Dreamcast, Microsoft Xbox, Sony Playstation 2).

Kim -  the artistically minded coder, made the move in 2006 to the corporate world (lets be honest, it was probably a wise one ;-) ) and along with his coding and illustration abilities has also developed great management and strong business skills.

James - the technically minded artist,  has spent the nearly all of the last decade in Tokyo, working alongside some of the more colourful developers in the gaming world. In 2013 he came back to Melbourne to try something new and exciting.

And that leaves us here, with Studio Qinoko, a newly formed studio aimed at the Western and Asian audiences, we feel we can bring a lot of style and fun to the market with our titles. So stay tuned, this is going to a fun and exciting journey with ups and downs, and perhaps even a little sideways!